Professional Development Awards Banquet

5th Annual Engineering Professional Development Awards Banquet
Wednesday, April 17th, 2019, 6:00-8:00 PM
Carver Hawkeye Arena, Feller Club Room

The annual Professional Development Awards Banquet is a celebration held in late April each year honoring College of Engineering student organizations and advisors, community partners, and students for outstanding leadership and service. The night includes a featured speaker, dinner, and awards ceremony.  What started as an idea to celebrate and recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our student organizations gradually evolved into a celebration of all of the accomplishments related to professional development. Group, individual, and community partner awards will be given out in various categories.  The purpose of the banquet is to foster a strong sense of pride in our college, recognize the accomplishments of our students and student groups, and encourage students to seek out experiences that make them great engineers and leaders.

Consider recognizing outstanding student organizations, student leaders, faculty and employers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, service or commitment to student development.  Nominations will be accepted on-line through April 2nd at 12:00 PM. Winners will be announced at the banquet on April 17th at the Carver Hawkeye Arena Feller Club Room.

April 17th Program

  • 5:30 - Doors Open and Networking
  • 6:00 - Welcome from the Dean and Student Org Updates
  • 6:30 - Dinner Presentation
  • 7:45 - Awards Presentation
  • 8:00 - Closing Remarks 

Awards are given in the following categories:

Student Organization Awards:

  • Outstanding Student Organization - a student organization that demonstrates significant initiative, creativity, perseverance, and integrity in its members throughout all areas of the organization
  • Outstanding Student Organization for Service, Diversity, or Outreach - a student organization that has made meaningful contributions to students, the university, and the surrounding communities through service projects, K-12 outreach, or diversity initiatives
  • Most Improved Student Organization - a student organization that has demonstrated significant improvement in membership recruitment, improved the focus of the organization’s mission or operation, or improved or implemented new programs

Individual Awards:

  • Outstanding Leader - a leader in a student organization who displays significant dedication to the organization by promoting diversity, service, and community among the organization’s members
  • Most Promising New Member - a new member of a student organization who demonstrates significant effort, leadership, and involvement in improving the organization
  • Unsung Hero - a member of a student organization who demonstrates significant contribution or initiative without holding a leadership position within the organization
  • Outstanding Student Organization Advisor - an advisor who acts as a positive role model and provides advice and encouragement while supporting the organization’s goals
  • Outstanding Student Researcher - an undergraduate student researcher who demonstrates exceptional time, effort, and perseverance in pursuing research interests under the direction of a faculty member
  • Outstanding Research Mentor - a faculty or staff member who provides structural learning, insight, and mentorship to an undergraduate student researcher in a lab setting
  • Outstanding CoE Student Employee - a student employee in the college who has shown extraordinary work ethic and has made an impact in the workplace
  • Outstanding Student Teacher - an undergraduate student who makes a major contribution to teaching and learning through work as a Teaching Assistant or Engineering Tutor
  • Outstanding Intern/Co-op - a student who demonstrates a high level of quality work, professionalism, and value to the company throughout an internship or co-op experience 

Community Partner Awards:

  • Outstanding Company Sponsor/Community Partner - an organization that works in collaboration with a student organization to meaningfully contribute to the student organization’s mission  
  • Outstanding Intern/Co-op Employer - an employer that provides a welcoming environment to maximize student learning through valuable, real-life experiences where students can make an impact on day-to-day initiatives

*Awards may vary slightly each year depending on nominations. Congratulations to our previous award winners.