Budapest University of Technology

The following courses have been previously approved for transfer to the University of Iowa from this institution.

University of Iowa Course BUDAPEST Course

CHEM:3110 Analytical Chemistry I

BMEVESAA302 Analytical Chem

ENGR:2120 Electrical Circuits

BMETE11AX22 Physics II

ENGR:2510 Fluid Mechanics

BMEGEATAG11 Fluid Mechanics I

CBE:5405 Green Chemical and Energy Tech.

BMEGEENAG51 Measurement at Energy and   Environmental Protection

ENGR:7270 Engineering Ethics

BMEGT41M004 Engineering Ethics

STAT:2020 Probability & Stats

BMEVISZA208 Probability Theory

CEE:3533 Principles of Structural Engineering

BMEEOTMAS05 Structural Analysis

CEE:3136 Design of Concrete Structures 

BMEEOMEAS12 Building Construction I

CEE:4535 Design of Steel Structures

BMEEOMEAS13 Building Construction II