New Zealand

University of Canterbury 

The following courses have been previously approved for transfer to the University of Iowa from this institution.

University of Iowa Course Canterbury Course

GEOL 113 Environmental Geohazards


HIST128 New Zealand History from Waka to Weta


MAOR107 Aotearoa: Introduction to Traditional Maori Society

CEE:3763 Principles of Transport

ENCI 262 Transport and Surveying

CEE:3136 Design of Concrete Structures

ENCI 426 Structural Concrete
Social Science

ANTA102 Antartica: The Cold Continent

Social Science

GEOG106 Global Environmental Change

Social Science

POLS103 Introduction to New Zealand Politics and Policy

Social Science

ANT103 Antarctic: Life in the Cold

Social Science

MAOR107 Aotearoa: Introducing Traditional Maori Society