About Engineering Electronics Shop (EES)

EES is part of Engineering Technology Centers (ETC). ETC organization chart [20K]

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The Engineering Electronics Shop is located in 2018 SC. It is open Monday - Friday from 8:00am - noon, and 12:30pm-4:30pm.

eshop@uiowa.edu   319-335-5760; fax 335-5777

Tom Barnhart, Parts manager, 319-335-5759

John Kostman, Service manager, 319-335-5761circuit board mill

Diem Nguyen, Sales manager

Cliff Curry, Special Projects

University of Iowa students, faculty, and staff can buy parts and get service from the Engineering Electronics Shop (EES). See the parts catalog for items available.

Find out what goes on in the shop.

EES Mission

To provide students, faculty, and staff a source for inexpensive electronics parts, and design and consulting services that promote, support, and enhance the mission of the College of Engineering.

EES Brochure

This is a PDF version [329K] of the 3-fold EES brochure that briefly describes duties, equipment, and work done in the Electronics Shop. Paper copies are available in EES, 2018 SC.