Engineering (Lecture) & Something More Classroom Open Houses

Join our Engineering Lecture and Something More Faculty Advisory Board and other College of Engineering faculty demonstrating live in the classroom the latest technological advancements in classroom instruction.  You are invited to observe these courses in action!                         

Your Host Course Place /  Time RSVP
Raghu Mudumbai

Linear Systems I (ECE:2400)

140 SH    MWF:  1:30 pm -2:20 pm

Please first contact Raghu (

Sarah Vigmostad

Design of Circulatory Implants and Artificial Organs (BME:5530)

1140 LIB  TTh:  11:00 am -12:15 pm

Please first contact Sarah (

Mark Andersland

Electrical Circuits (ENGR:2120)

350 VAN  MWF:  1:30 pm -2:20 pm

Please first contact Mark (

Al Ratner

Thermodynamics II (ME:3040)

1505 SC    MWF:  12:30 pm -1:20 pm   

Please first contact Al (


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