Erin Richmond

Erin Richmond is a student researcher at the University of Iowa, under geography professor David Bennett. Her original project was to design a sensor network for the super computer at the UI Oakdale Research Park; however, she is now working with a weather sensor box instead. Her goal is to have it read humidity, temperature and air speed and send the information back wirelessly.

She said her current research is a bit too program-heavy; she would rather be designing or building components for wind energy. She will be a senior in the fall, majoring in electrical engineering. She is part of the five-year masters program and will have that degree in May 2016.

“Mostly, I’m just learning,” Richmond said.

Through her research, she works with a circuit board called the Arduino Yun.  While circuit boards are typically used to power items such as cellphones and computers, this board is tailored specifically for hobbyists and students, enabling them to build devices that can seamlessly interact with the environment in novel ways. Richmond’s product will likely aid in weather research.

At the UI, Richmond is involved with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. In her free time, she enjoys cycling and running.