Graduate Programs

Biomechanics and biofluids, biology-based design, bio-renewable and alternative fuels, bioengineering, casting and solidification, cloud computation, combustion, chemically reactive flows,

Bio-manufacturing, computational intelligence, informatics, engineering economics, engineering management, financial engineering, health-care systems, human factors and ergonomics, human-

Sustainable energy, quantitative medical image processing, communication systems and

Water sustainability, water quality, flood prediction and mitigation, environmental remediation, air pollution, drinking water quality, bioremediation, biogeochemistry, computational solid

Air pollution engineering, atmospheric aerosol particles, atmospheric chemistry, biocatalysis, biochemical engineering, biofilms, biofuels, biomaterials, biotechnological applications of

Biomechanics of the spine, low back pain and scoliosis, upper-extremity biomechanics, articular joint contact mechanics, total joint replacement, computational simulation of artificial heart