FTC-Iowa: Current Season - Block Party

Welcome to Block Party! The FTC Season for 2013-2014.

FTC-Iowa Grants

We are fortunate to have Rockwell Collins as a continual supporter of FTC in Iowa. For more information about their team grants, please visit their FIRST Grants Webpage.

2013-2014 FTC-Iowa Season!

Another great season is about to start for FTC!

A few items before the start of the season:

  • All teams in Iowa are "highly" encouraged to register via TIMS by September 15, 2013. This is the official way of registering with FIRST. If you need to change contact information, you can do that via TIMS.
  • FTC Rockwell Collins Returning Team grants are still availble. Please visit the link above.

Important Dates for 2013/2014 FTC Season


FTC North Super-Regional Championship Information