Graduating with University Honors

Requirements and Process

1.  Current students with a UI Cumulative GPA of 3.33 or higher, or entering first-year students with a combination GPA of 3.8 or higher and ACT composite or 27 or higher or GPA of 3.7 and ACT composite of 30 or higher, qualify for University Honors.

2.  Students qualified for entry must opt in to the program via acceptance of a formal invitation. Attendance at an Honors orientation is required of all students regardless of when they enter.

3.  Required 24 semester hours of honors credit of equivalent experiences from a menu option.

These requirements apply to all Engineering students regardless of how or when they enter the Honors Program. Half of the 24 credits (12) must be completed within 6 semester of full-time registration as an Honors student (with the exception of the Grand Challenges Program); and 6 of the 24 hours must be honors coursework.  All Honors admits must take an honors course in the first semester in the program. Students may satisfy the 24 credit requirement through the following options of combination of options:

A. Engineering Grand Challenges Program
Completely satisfies the University Honors requirements for engineering students.

B. Honors coursework (including graduate coursework)
May apply a maximum of 12 semester hour credits, a minimum of 6 is required.

C. STudy Abroad
Fall or Spring, or the equivalent time in summer and between-semester, experiencec = 6 credits.
All study abroad requires students to carry out an independent project while abroad and to conduct a poster presentation or write a report.
May apply a maximum of 12 credits.

D.  Mentored research
May apply a maximum of 12 credits (10 hrs/wk for a semester = 3 credits).
Summer semester research at 20 hrs/wk = 6 credits.

E.  Engineering Community Engagement Experience
Students must get prior approval for these oprions and turn in a reflection paper of the experience with the signature of the supervisor or faculty advisor. May apply a maximum of 9 credits total from all of these experiences, with no more than 6 credits from a single area.

-A leadership experience in college-approved Engineering student organizations: 10 hrs/wk for a semester (or the equivalent) = 3 credits
-Engineering Tutor: 10 hrs/wk for a semester (or the equivalent) = 3 credits
-Engineering Teaching Assistant: 10 hrs/wk for a semester (or the equivalent) = 3 credits
-Engineering Student Ambassador: 10 hrs/wk for a semester (or the equivalent) = 3 credits
-Engineering Peer Advisor: 10 hrs/wk for a semester (or the equivalent) = 3 credits

F.  registered internship or co-op
40 hrs/wk for 15 weeks (one semester or the equivalent time) = 6 credits; 20 hrs/wk = 3 credits.
40 hrs/wk for 10 weeks (summer internships) = 4 credits; 20 hrs/wk = 2 credits.
May apply a maximum of 12 credits.
Students must register their internship with the College and meet the College requirement for reporting and evaluation.

G. Honors in the Major
Counts as 12 credits.