Industrial Engineering Elective Focus Areas

Engineering students are required to choose an Elective Focus Area (EFA). EFA's are designed to provide students with an opportunity to complete a set of couses to supplement their degree. 

Once an EFA has been chosen, the student should declare the EFA on the IE Elective Focus Area form. Students should sign the form, obtain their faculty advisor approval and submit to your departmental office for final approval of EFA.  Once approved by the department, the form will be turned into the Student Development Center (3124 SC) for processing. Courses will appear on the student degree audit during the semester they have enrolled in the course listed on the form. Student are able to make changes to their EFA at any time, but all changes to the EFA must be approved by the students faculty advisor and the department.

Students may choose one of the EFA's created by faculty that include a list of approved courses. 

IE EFA Policies 

Computer & Information Systems
Human Factors & Ergonomics
Pre-Med Track
Wind Energy
Design and Manufacturing

If the EFA is not listed above,students may choose to create their own Tailored EFA. Students should work with their faculty advisor to design their tailored EFA.  Student will list their courses to be approved on the IE Tailored Plan of Study Form.