FIRST Tech Challenge and Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving: College Credit

Grading & Assessment

Assessments will depend on the unit material, but can include presentations to prepare, questions to answer, programs to write, etc. Assessment will reflect the students’ understanding, knowledge and ability to use various tools properly, and are intended for monitoring the progress and development of the students.

The evaluation for the course is the grade attained by completing the final test. The course evaluation will be based on a quiz of 100 questions. The quiz is required to receive University of Iowa credit. A grade of 75% is required to earn University of Iowa credit.

The student will receive 6 s.h. of college credit and a grade of Satisfactory (S).

For interested students to receive College Credit

  • Must register with the University of Iowa in the Fall.
  • Tuition fee: $150. This is for 6 semester hours (s.h.) of College Credit
  • College credit is transferrable to institutions that accept University of Iowa credit.
  • Students will be charged the fee once grades have been submitted and approved.

Register for University of Iowa Credit

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