FTC: Iowa Championship

Information about the FTC Iowa Championship, Presented by Collins Aerospace.
For the 2020-2021 Season, the Iowa Championship was a remote event. 

  • Where can I find the FTC Iowa Championship Award Ceremony?
  • Where can I find final rankings for the FTC Iowa Championship?
  • Where can I find the Volunteer Thank you video to the teams?

Award Information (After the Iowa Championship has concluded)

Awards Team Number & Name
Inspire Award Winner 8813, The Winter Soldiers
Inspire 2nd Place  12863, Flourish & Bots
Inspire 3rd Place 9974, T.H.O.R.
Think Award Winner 7247, H20 Loo Bots
Think 2nd Place 8813, The Winter Soldiers
Think 3rd Place 18139, Rebel Robotics
Connect Award Winner 11142, RoboMinions
Connect 2nd Place 12783, Norwalk RoboWarriors Purple
Connect 3rd Place 6103, Stranger Bots
Collins Aerospace Innovate Award Winner 5143, Xcentrics
Innovate Award 2nd Place 9967, Geared Up
Innovate Award 3rd Place 10107, A League of Their Own
Design Award Winner 9974, T.H.O.R.
Design 2nd Place 7260, StarTech
Design 3rd Place 14736, Shell Bots
Motivate Award Winner 10435, Circuit Breakers
Motivate 2nd Place 13426, Caffeinated Robots
Motivate 3rd Place 14568, Norwalk RoboWarriors Gold
Control Award Winner, Presented by Arm, Inc. 12863, Flourish & Bots
Control 2nd Place 9356, EngiNerds
Control 3rd Place 14172, Disco Duckbots
Compass Award Winner Angie Butler, Team 9974, T.H.O.R. (video)
Compass 2nd Place Theresa Barber, Team 12863, Flourish & Bots (video)
Promote Award Winner 7110, The Element of Surprise (video)
Performance Awards  
1st Place Performance 10435, Circuit Breakers
2nd Place Performance 9974, T.H.O.R.
3rd Place Performance 12754, Wired Up
4th Place Performance 7260, StarTech
5th Place Performance 14172, Disco Duckbots
6th Place Performance 8813, The Winter Soldiers