FTC-Iowa: Current Season

Welcome to FIRST Relic Recovery!

FIRST Relic Recovery will be release on September 9, 2017.

For more information about FIRST Relic Recovery, please visit the FIRST website.


  • All teams in Iowa are required to register with FIRST. This is the official way of registering with FIRST. If you need to change contact information, you can do when logged into the FIRST system.
  • Teams must also register with FTC-Iowa (a link will be sent to you once you've registered with FIRST.)
  • Please review the FTC-Iowa Funding Resources document.

*Note: FIRST collects a registration fee of $275 per team. However, this registration fee stays at FIRST Headquarters in Manchester, NH. In order to cover our local (Iowa) costs, the FTC-Iowa program need to also charge a registration fee per team.*

Important Dates:

Sept. 9, 2017 - FTC-Iowa Kick-Off Celebration

Sept. 2017 - Leagues will be announced. League coaches will be able to work together during kick-off.

Oct. 2017 - Begin Meets. Teams in the leagues determine the dates/locations of the meets. No Three meets per team during these dates

Jan. 2018 - League Championships

Feb. 2018 - Super Qualifier Tournaments - *A Super Qualifier is a one-day, 24 team tournament in which teams must advance from the League Championship. The Super Qualifier provides an opportunity for more teams to advance out of the League Championships to the next level of competition. The Super Qualifier will advance teams into the FTC-Iowa Championship. We will use the Advancement Criteria listed in Game Manual Part 1 for team advancing from League Championship to Super Qualifier and from the Super Qualifier to the FTC-Iowa Championship and from the FTC-Iowa Championship to the North Super Regional.

Feb 23/24, 2018 - FTC-Iowa Championship, for those teams who advance from the Super Qualifier.

Iowa Registration Fees

  • Iowa Registration (includes meets and league tournament): $225 + service fee
    Register here
  • Super Qualifier: $215
  • Iowa Championship: $260
  • North Super Regional: $500

FTC Iowa Championship