Transfer Agreements

Indian Hills Community College


The University of Iowa and Indian Hills Community College have come to a formal agreement, which expresses a shared commitment to increasing opportunities for student access to and success in higher education.  By clarifying transfer policies and procedures, the institutions seek to assist students in making a seamless transfer from the associate to the baccalaureate degree.


Students must complete all of the normal graduation requirements for an engineering degree at the University of Iowa.  Upon successful completion of the general education component at the University of Iowa, students will receive an Associate of Science degree from Indian Hills Community College.   Iowa will apply courses completed as listed on the Transfer Guide Agreement toward the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in a manner consistent with the treatment of native students.


Section I:  Admissions and Matriculation

Criteria for acceptance into the College of Engineering will be the same for transfer students as for native students:

Students seeking admission to The College of Engineering at Iowa must have a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all college work attempted.  In addition, students must also have a minimum 3.0 GPA for the Prerequisite Courses for Admission.

The grade point average used to determine admission to the College of Engineering will be calculated based on the academic policies of the College of Engineering.

Students must supply official IHCC transcripts (and those from any other colleges) to Iowa.  The Office of Admissions at Iowa has established application procedures and deadlines.  Students should contact the Office of Admissions for details or consult the College of Engineering Academic Catalog.

Transfer students from IHCC will have access to financial aid, scholarships, and student services on the same basis as native students. 

Iowa will apply the same academic progress and graduation standards to IHCC transfer students as those applicable to native students.

Section II: Transfer of Credit

A maximum of 64 credit hours, which is 50% of the total credit hours needed, will be accepted by Iowa from IHCC to be applied to the Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

Courses that are developmental are not transferable toward a baccalaureate degree.

Only academic courses with passing letter grades (A, B, C) will be accepted toward graduation credit hour requirements. 



Indian Hills Community College

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Electrical Track

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Computer Track

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

*This agreement was developed by the following representatives from Indian Hills Community College and University of Iowa:

Alec Scranton, Dean, College of Engineering, Iowa

Keri Hornbuckle, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Iowa

Darlas Shockley, Executive Dean, Arts and Science, IHCC

Megan Allen, Director Tutoring & Records, Iowa

David Rethwisch, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Iowa

Gilbert Nebgen, Associate Professor, Arts & Sciences, IHCC