Blake Connor

Who are you?

Name: Blake Connor

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Minors/Certificates: N/A -Year: Senior

Hometown: Swansea, IL

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

The freshman 15 is a real thing. It is not a myth. Take advantage of the REC, it is good stress relief from classes. Plan it into your schedule so you make the time for it.

What organizations outside the college of engineering do you belong to?

I have been involved with Dance Marathon and Intramurals. I have played volleyball, soccer, wallyball, and canoe battleship.

How are you an "engineer ... and something more"?

I am involved in many different things. Some are engineering related and some are for fun. With in the college of engineering I am a teaching assistant for two classes: Statics and Intro to Engineering Problem Solving. I have also worked three Co-op rotations with Zimmer Biomet an orthopedic company. I worked in their Trauma and Foot and Ankle departments.

What is your favorite part about being a student at The University of Iowa?

My favorite part about being at the University of Iowa is the people that I have met. They are my second family and have made me a better person. I also love the atmosphere of campus.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

My favorite professor is Seth Dillard. He teaches his classes differently than any of the other professors that I have had. Rather than reading lecture slides he engages with his students and visibly shows his desire to teach students.

What has been your favorite course?

Biomaterials and Biomechanics

What do you enjoy doing in your free time at The University of Iowa?

I enjoy spending time with my friends – watching movies, playing games, and finding different activities in Iowa City.