Carli Brucker

Who are you?

Name: Carli Brucker

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Senior

Hometown: Dahinda, IL

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

Don’t stress out too much about deciding what you want to do with your life! You’ll learn through college what is the best fit for you and there will be many crossroads in life where you can change your focus.

What organizations outside the college of engineering do you belong to?

I’m involved in Continental Crossings, the Society of Women Engineers, and a campus ministry Salt, as well as several university jobs.

Have you had any international experience? If so, where did you go, for how long, and what did you do?

I studied abroad at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for a summer, worked on an engineering service project in Mexico over spring break, and am travelling to India this winter to learn about water poverty in rural India.

How are you an "engineer ... and something more"?

Outside of engineering, I enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and travelling, in addition to cooking and eating really good food.

Is there something else you'd like to tell us about yourself?

I pride myself with my ability to seek out free/cheap food and can tell you a food deal in Iowa City every day of the week.

What is your favorite part about being a student at The University of Iowa?

I love the diversity in people and experiences here. I’ve met people from so many different backgrounds and walks of life and have had the opportunity to try many new things that push me outside my comfort zone.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Professor Seth Dillard is the most genuine professor I have met. He truly cares about his students and their success, and in addition is a very cool person and will tell anyone his unconventional life story if they have the time.

What has been your favorite course?

My favorite course has been Design for the Developing World taught by Craig Just. In this class, we learned about the social, logistical, and financial implications of completing engineering improvement projects in developing communities.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time at The University of Iowa?

I take advantage of the university’s rec facilities and rock climbing wall as well as the many parks and green spaces near Iowa City to go hiking and biking.