Wyatt Klass

Wyatt Klass
Who are you?

   -Name: Wyatt Klass

   -Email: wyatt-klass@uiowa.edu

   -Major: BME

   -Year: Senior

   -Hometown: Muskego, WI

-What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

Invest in a planner – a planner is the best way to stay on stop of deadlines, appointments and events. Whether it be a monthly or a weekly agenda, I found that writing things down helps me stay on top of my priorities and ensures that I don’t miss anything.

-What organizations outside the college of engineering do you belong to?

I am a member of the professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau. In addition, I am captain of the Club Gymnastics Team.

-How are you an "engineer ... and something more"?

Through my continued involvement in athletics, my participation in Greek Life, and my engineering internships, I have been able to stay dedicated to my education while also pursuing my passions.

-Is there something else you'd like to tell us about yourself?

I have had the opportunity to complete two internships throughout my engineering curriculum. My first internship was at St. Luke’s Medical Center where I served as a clinical engineer in the heart failure department. My second internship was at SynCardia Systems, LLC working on improving the Total Artificial Heart device.

-What is your favorite part about being a student at The University of Iowa?

I love the overall diversity at the University of Iowa. In all of the organizations that I am a part of, I am able to meet people from different engineering disciplines, different majors, different backgrounds, and different perspectives. Being able to interact with people from different upbringings makes me a better a student and eventual engineer.

-Who is your favorite professor and why?

My favorite professor is Professor Dillard’s because of his charismatic teaching style. The way he interacts with students makes challenging classes fun to learn. Professor Dillard cares about his students and ensures that each and every one of his students are receiving all of the resources possible to be the best engineers.

-What has been your favorite course?

My favorite course has been Cardiovascular Biomechanics taught by Professor Dillard. This upper-level course was challenging due to the large amount of detailed and expansive information covered, but it was stimulating and exciting to understanding the intricacies of the cardiovascular system.

-What do you enjoy doing in your free time at The University of Iowa?

I like to stay active through gymnastics and working out at the CRWC. I also enjoy cooking, trying new foods, and exploring the restaurants around campus.