Why Engineering @ Iowa

Welcome to Engineering at Iowa!

Our motto is: Be an Engineer ... and Something More. Engineering students are smart, hard-working people who work in teams to solve problems. At Iowa, they're also incredibly interesting people who are Big Ten athletes, Hawkeye Marching Band members, leaders of student organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, researchers, hospital volunteers, student senators, dance marathoners, intramural competitors, international travelers, fraternity and sorority members, and more.

Direct Admission. Students meeting the admission requirements are admitted directly into the College of Engineering. Students can choose the engineering major they're interested in and can switch majors easily if interests change. There is no "weed-out" philosophy in Engineering at Iowa ... we focus on providing our academically stellar students with resources and support to meet the academic challenges of engineering. See more about resources in the First-Year Student section.

We're a small college of distinction within a Big Ten research university full of opportunities.

Community. The engineering community at the University of Iowa is incredible, close-knit, collaborative. Classmates are from around the world and are "engineers ... and something more."

Professors teach the classes. In Engineering at Iowa, you will be taught by professors in engineering classes beginning in your first semester. Teaching assistants here are used to assist the teacher, not to do the teaching themselves. Professors will teach, mentor, do research, challenge and encourage you, write letters of recommendation, help you network for graduate study and employment. Learn more about the engineering professors by going to the "people" section of each engineering department.

Great College Town

Iowa City is a vibrant, cultured, accessible, nationally-ranked college town. In 2008, UNESCO designated Iowa City as the world's third City of Literature.

A Commitment to Diversity

The College of Engineering must ensure that it is a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and stakeholders. The intellectual space in which our students thrive and where research develops must reflect and respect the diversity valued by our college community. Through our diversity efforts, we seek to grow and to learn about the ways in which we can foster difficult conversations around representation and enhance the experience of Iowa Engineers throughout their careers.

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) has recognized the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa as part of its Diversity Recognition Program. The college has been awarded the bronze level, which is the highest level ASEE currently has for this honor. ASEE created this program “to publicly recognize those engineering and engineering technology colleges that make significant, measurable progress in increasing the diversity, inclusion, and degree attainment outcomes of their programs.” 

More information on resources available, opportunities to get involved, and news about the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Fall 2020 data:

  • 1990 undergraduate students
  • 28% women
  • 15% under-represented people of color
  • 4% international students
  • 21% first-generation college students
  • Undergraduate students from 32 states and 24 countries.

Outstanding Engineering Research Facilities

The College of Engineering has twenty research locations in eastern Iowa, covering its six academic programs, four research centers reporting to the College, and interdisciplinary research efforts. Explore facilities and centers where the opportunity to do research provides unique educational and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. We provide research excellence connected to learning, innovation, and service to society. 

For more information:

Look at the Engineering Viewbook and the College of Engineering website.

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