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Fall 2015 Support of Writing-Intensive Engineering Courses

In Fall 2015, The Hanson Center for Technical Communication (HCTC) will grade writing projects in the following courses: Statics and Process Calculations. Note: all engineering undergraduates are welcome to bring their writing to the Center, no matter what course it's written for.

APA Style Guide ( Purdue OWL )
For citation guidelines, the HCTC recommends that students refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab. This is a reliable resource that is updated regularly to adhere to current APA style standards. Giving credit where credit is due demonstrates your integrity as an engineer.

Statics - 59:007

  • Writing Assignment ( PDF )


Spring 2015 Statics Essay Award Winners
Maria Fernanda Larraga Martinez, Genevieve Goelz, Matthew Finley

Congratulations to our second trio of essay award winners! Maria, Genevieve, and Matthew drafted and revised their work with splendid results: from a pool of 177 possible essays, their discussions of how engineers cope with and learn from failure demonstrated the highest possible excellence in communicating complex technical issues for a general audience. If you are enrolled in Statics this fall, you would be wise to read these essays!

Hyatt Regency Walkway Failure - Maria Fernanda Larraga Martinez

Rana Plaza Collapse Leads to Reform - Matthew Finley

The Show Must Go On - Genevieve Goelz


Fall 2014 Statics Essay Award Winners
Rae Ann Corrigan, Michelle Knirr, Qingyang Su

In Fall 2014, The Hanson Center inaugurated its first essay awards by choosing three Iowa engineering students (out of 226 possible candidates) whose research and reflections on the topic "Failure is Always an Option" were models of clarity and insight. They have given us permission to display their exemplary work, and we are delighted to do so:

No Leg to Stand On - Rae Ann Corrigan

The Failure of the Schoharie Creek Bridge -Michelle Knirr

What Actions Can We Take to Avoid Catastrophes - Qingyang Su

Process Calculations - 52:041

  • 52-041 Topical Paper Assignment ( PDF )
  • 52-041 Topical Paper Evaluation Sheet ( PDF )

Materials Science - 57:015

  • Lab Report Guidelines ( PDF )
  • How to Write an Abstract ( PDF)


Getting an Appointment
Signing up for a writing appointment is easy. Sign-up sheets are posted on the door of room 2224 SC, in the Student Commons area. Appointments are available Monday-Friday: 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.,