Review Procedures of Academic Dismissal (MIE)

This policy pertains to the review procedures which are to be followed in the event that a student dismissed from a graduate program for academic reasons other than academic misconduct requests a formal review of her/his dismissal. The procedure outlined below is in accordance with Section IV [paragraph D] of the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College, [1983].

The procedure for academic dismissal review in all circumstances other than those resulting from academic misconduct is as follows:

  1. Prior to the formal initiation of the academic dismissal review process a student should discuss her/his grievances with the Department Chair in an attempt to resolve such grievances informally.
  2. If the student continues to feel her/his dismissal is unwarranted and cannot be resolved through the discussion provided for in 1 above, the student shall forward a written request for review of her/his dismissal to the Department Chair. The letter should outline the grievances in reasonable detail. In addition, the student should choose two graduate faculty members and one graduate student (from those eligible to serve on such committees; see item 3 below), to form a review committee.
  3. Any faculty member in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering or any Industrial Engineering graduate student with at least 15 semester hours graduate credit earned at The University of Iowa may be requested to serve as a member of an academic dismissal review committee.
  4. The Department Chair shall designate a chair of the review committee from those committee members identified by the student.
  5. The review committee chair shall convene the committee as soon as possible. Normally it is expected that the review process will be completed within two weeks of its formal initiation by the student.
  6. The student requesting the review shall have the opportunity to discuss the grievances directly with the committee and provide any supporting material relevant to the review.
  7. The review committee shall then determine what additional information or consultation is necessary to complete their review.
  8. Upon review of relevant information, the review committee shall communicate their findings and recommendations in writing to the student and the Department Chair. The committee's report should include the major considerations leading to the decision.
  9. Final decision will be made by the Department Chair, after giving due consideration to the Committee's report.
  10. If the student is dissatisfied with the decision by the Departmental Chair, he or she may elect to pursue further action through the Graduate College in accordance with the procedures of the Graduate College.