MIE Affiliated Faculty

Industrial Engineering - Human Factors

Photo of Karim Abdel-Malek

Karim Abdel-Malek

Research Interests: Kinematics of humans and digital human modeling, CAD, virtual reality and visualization, robotics, machine design, and mechanisms for medical applications.

Photo of Thomas Brown

Thomas D. Brown

Research Interests:
Total joint arthroplasty (hip, ankle, knee, wrist), osteonecrosis of the hip, high-energy fracture comminution, fracture fixation, joint kinematics, cell mechanostimulus, and articular contact pressures as they relate to joint degeneration.

Photo of Matthew Rizzo

Matthew Rizzo

Research Interests: Behavioral disturbances resulting from CNS injury, neural substrates of human vision (attention and visuomotor coordination), aging and dementia, driving performance in neurological disease, driving simulation.

Industrial Engineering - Production

Photo of Kurt Anstreicher

Kurt Anstreicher

Research Interests: Linear and nonlinear programming, interior-point algorithms, nonlinear integer programming.

Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Systems

Photo of Jasbir Arora

Jasbir S. Arora

Research Interests: Optimization of nonlinear structures, optimization and control of nonlinear systems, large scale structural.

Photo of Kwan Rim

Kwan Rim

Research Interests: Biomechanics; optimal design of mechanical systems; international technology service.

Mechanical Engineering - Thermal-Fluids

Photo of Krishnan Chandran

Krishnan B. Chandran

Research Interests: Hemodynamics, cardiac mechanics, vascular prosthesis and artificial heart valve dyanmics, fluid dynamic.

 John Goree

John Goree

Research Interests: Plasma physic experiments and modeling (Dusty plasmas, strongly-coupled plasmas, biomedical applications of plasmas), condensed matter experiments and modeling (Melting transition, transport in fluids, non-Guassian statistics, nonlinear waves).