College of Engineering Recognizes Those Receiving Awards from Research Open House Poster Session

The University of Iowa College of Engineering recently held its 2018 Research Open House April 12 with more than 110 posters displayed by graduate and undergraduate students.

Those recognized in each category received their awards at a special April 13 Student Awards and Recognition Luncheon at the Hotel Vetro, Iowa City.

The students receiving awards were:


Biomedical Engineering
Sarah Gerard, A Deep Learning Approach For Lung and Lobe Segmentation in CT Images (tie)
Jacob Hermann, Modeling Lung Tissue Interdependence and Collapse During Mechanical Ventilation (tie)

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Austin McKee
, Plasmon Mediated Carbon Dioxide Reduction Pathways

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Amina Grant
, Snapshot of Lead and Copper in Iowa Drinking Water

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Wenqi Duan
, High Sensitivity Silicon Nanowire Biosensor for Estrogen Detection in Water Streams

Mechanical Engineering
Avik Samanta
, Molecular dynamics simulation of diffusion bonding during ultrasonic welding of dissimilar materials

Industrial Engineering
Hamed Salehi
, Hazards Mental Models and The issue of Trust

Center for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Graduate Poster
Mallory Tollefson
, GPU Accelerated Protein Structure Optimization and Its Application to Genes Associated with Hearing Loss

Center for Computer-Aided Design
Fan Fei
, Multi-scale Additive Manufacturing: A 3D-printing Method based on Digital Light Processing

Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research
Nathan Janechek
, Experimental Characterization and Hygroscopicity Determination of Secondary Aerosol from D5 Cyclic Siloxane Oxidation

IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering
Kim Yagin
, CFD Simulation of a Generic Submarine operating near the surface

Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging
Sampurna Biswas
, Model based deep learning in free breathing, ungated, cardiac MRI recovery


Biomedical Engineering
Brett Austin
, Multiaxial Failure Studies of Biological Soft Tissues (tie)
Russell Martin, Using zebrafish to test potential drugs for their efficacy against epileptic seizures (tie)

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Eric Knapp
, Determining Parameters for Optimal Shadow Cure Polymerization

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Joshua Deutsch
, Mie Scattering based Analytical Model to Compute Plasmon Resonances of Metal Nanoparticles

IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering
Jian Teng
, Investigation of the relationship between the wind turbine operating conditions and bat fatality

Center for Computer-Aided Design
Elizabeth Niedert
, Mechanical Testing of Neurovascular Stents

Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research
Austin Doak
, Investigating Pollution around Lake Michigan using Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

The Creative Kick-Start Program
James Chenoweth, Ford Minaghan, Michael Garneau, and Velarchana Santhana
, Minimizing Radiation during Gastrojejunal Tube Placement

POPULAR CHOICE AWARD, granted to the favorite posters as voted on by the visitors to the Research Open House

1st place Popular Choice Award
Emily Pattee from Chemical and Biochemical for Evaluation of Atrazine Bio-degradation Kinetics by Pseudomonas sp.ADP Biofilms and Planktonic cells

2nd place Popular Choice Award
Christopher Feldmeir from Mechanical Engineering for Wheel Profile Optimization to Mitigate Wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue for Railroad Vehicles

3rd place Popular Choice Award  (tie)–
Amir Asgharzadeh from Electrical and Computer Engineering for, Impact of Diffuse Shading Conditions on the Performance of Bifacial PV Modules (tie)
Jian Teng from IIHR for
Investigation of the relationship between the wind turbine operating conditions and bat fatality (tie)

For a comprehensive on-line brochure of Research Week and Open House activities, go to

Research open house meal
On Friday, April 13, the College of Engineering held its Student Awards and Recognition Luncheon at the Hotel Vetro, Iowa City, to show its appreciate to graduate and undergraduate students participating in the annual Research Open House.