Fighting floods, helping Iowans

The Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa is building a legacy in the Hawkeye State by reducing flood risks and improving water quality.

This year, the IFC will embark on the Iowa Watershed Approach, a $96.9 million federally funded effort to identify and reduce stream flow during heavy rain events in nine watersheds across Iowa. Over five years, about $30 million will be spent in these watersheds on conservation practices, such as building wetlands and farm ponds, to reduce the impact of flooding.

These practices provide multiple benefits to Iowans. They save money by reducing flood damage to bridges, roads, and other structures; they have economic benefits, such as providing drinking water for livestock and establishing new areas for recreation, fishing, and hunting; they have environmental benefits, such as creating habitat for native plant and animal species; and they will help restore natural resiliency to Iowa’s landscape.

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