Graze Analytics wins Storer Award

Megan Allen

In May, the College of Engineering Alumnus Hubert E. Storer award provided $5000 initial financial support to Graze Analytics.  A start-up company, established by four Iowa Engineering Students,  Joshua Wootonn, Daniel Machlab, Ted Paulsen, and Kevin Blicharski, all software engineers, in the process of developing a tool to assist restaurant owners in gaining a competitive edge and instant feedback on service, food and overall experience.  Restaurants choose to partner up and use the services for a monthly cost, information on the experience at the restaurant is collected at the time of payment, allowing consumers to pay directly at the table and avoid the wait of exchange of money.  Currently, they have three local Iowa City restaurants using their Graze Pay and Graze Analytic system. In the fall, they will expand their service to include the Cedar Rapids area and by close of 2019, they have set the goal to gain traction and partner up with restaurants in Des Moines.

graze analytics winners with dean scranton