National Advanced Driving Simulator Researchers Honored for Work Improving Safety for Teenage Drivers

Cher Carney and Michelle Reyes, research associates in the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS), received the Iowa Commissioner’s Special Award for Traffic Safety during ceremonies in Des Moines on April 26 to recognize their work with teen driver safety.

Their research project placed video recorders into Iowa teen’s vehicles, and the data was used to help bolster the modified graduated driver licensing system in Iowa. As a direct result of their research, the state of Iowa added passenger restrictions for teen drivers, nighttime driving restrictions, and cell phone restrictions, helping to reduce teen driver injuries and deaths.

Their work with the university has contributed to state policy and led to conversations in high schools about teen driving across Iowa.

The impact of their research has influenced teen driver and graduated driver licensing policy in other states, as well.

Cher Carney (left) and Michelle Reyes