New Weather Station Helping Farmers, Others

The Iowa City Press-Citizen recently reported on the Iowa Flood Center’s (IFC) new high-tech weather stations being placed statewide.

The IFC has been working on the machine, whose purpose is to help farmers, landowners and researchers keep track weather conditions, soil conditions and much more, and help them with their work.

One of about 20 the IFC hopes to deploy this year across the state, the first is in the cornfield at the Stewart Maas farm, about three miles south of South Amana, IA. In addition to measuring such things as rainfall and wind speed and direction, the machines can measure soil measure and temperature, the status of the local water table and much more.

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Jim Niemeier, assistant research scientist at IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering, discusses the new high-tech weather station installed in South Amana, IA.