Pradhan to Receive Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

Ojas Pradhan, a third-year undergraduate student majoring in chemical engineering and computer science, has been selected as a recipient of the 2018 Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award (EURA). He also is in the honors program, and is pursuing a chemistry minor and mathematics minor.

"Ojas approached me during his first semester (2015) at the university about doing a research project," Jennifer Fiegel, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering and Pradhan's nominator, said. "At the time, he was a Presidential Scholar and had already published a case report in a peer-reviewed journal with a vascular surgeon.  It was clear from our first meeting that Ojas was highly motivated to do research and had a clear interest in medical research."

"His current roles are that of project lead and lead researcher.  He also oversees the work of two other undergraduate students who help him with analysis of aerosols. He has proven himself a good project lead, modeling amazing patience, respect, and perseverance with his mentees. We have been impressed with the level of maturity that he has shown in leading a critical project in the lab," Fiegel added.

The Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award is given annually to five undergraduate students to recognize outstanding accomplishments in scholarly investigation, artistic creation, or performance at the University of Iowa. 

The award provides Pradhan with a $1,000 travel scholarship for attending a professional event in his area of study as well as an ICRU Research Fellowship for either this summer or the next academic year.

The award will be presented to Pradhan at the annual Celebrating Excellence: The UI Discovery and Innovation Awards Ceremony, hosted by the UI Office for the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

Ojas Pradhan