Students Recognized at Commencement

The College of Engineering’s undergraduate commencement was held May 13, at Carver Hawkeye Arena.  Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering degrees were conferred on 331 undergraduates. 


Elizabeth Zimmerman, a graduating senior majoring in chemical engineering, gave the senior address.


The Graduating Senior Award, chosen through nomination by the senior class, was presented to Ahmed Hassan and Jacquelyn Ricke.


Nine students graduated with a second major: 


Shahaed Hasan (BSE in biomedical engineering, BS in biochemistry and BA in chemistry)

Lauren Hillman (BSE in biomedical engineering, BA in psychology)

Anna Seydel (BSE in biomedical engineering, BA in computer science)

Ethan Stancliffe (BSE biomedical engineering and BS in mathematics)

Elizabeth Zimmerman (BSE in chemical engineering and BA in biochemistry)

Fentong Hou (BSE in civil engineering and BS in economics)

Kyle Anderson (BSE in computer science and engineering and BS in mathematics)

Logan Nicols (BSE in electrical engineering and BS in physics)

Shelby Clair (BSE in mechanical engineering and BA in German).


One-hundred eight-nine students earned a minor :  aerospace studies (1); art (5); Asian languages and literature (1); biology (1); business administration (49); chemistry (29); computer science (34); global health studies (1); human physiology (1); mathematics (98); philosophy (1); physics(1); spanish (3); and psychology (2).  Four students earned three minors.  Thirty-eight earned two minors. 


Seventeen students earned a certificate. 


Qingyang Su --Large Data Analysis

Brooks Budelis -- Leadership Studies

Kyle Mosqueda and Cody Tran --Naval Hydrodynamics

Chad Ford, Jazmin Lopez, Gregory Slonka and Harrison Freund -- Sustainability

Shea Hawkins, Anthony Walker and Cameron Whittaker – Sustainability, Wind Energy

Michael Haas, Felipe Rios Saavedra, Mitchell Moeller, Jesse Dankle and Amanda Wootonn -- Technological Entrepreneurship

Jordan Voge – Wind Energy


Graduating with highest distinction were:

Hassan Ahamed

Megan Andrew

Jacob Behrendt

Bjorn Blomquist

Rachel Bruflodt

Kelsi Dahms

Riley Deutsch

Roman Doyle

Michael Garneau

Megan Helms

Madeline Hess

Josh Jacobs

Rachel Kessler

Maria Larraga Martinez

Yinghui Li

Alyssa Mendenhall

Madison Murhammer

Anna Seydel

Gengxin Shi

Qingyang Su

Knok Yuen


Graduating with high distinction were:

Brett Austin

Anna Rodriguez

Ethan Stancliffe

Chenyang Xiao

Yujun Xu

Seth Boysen

Shelby Clair

Nathaniel Weger

Elizabeth Sullivan


Graduating with distinction were:

Carli Brucker

Rachel Canby

Timothy Dawson

Harrison Freund

Elizabeth Hubbard

Eric Knapp

Yahang Li

Sophia Mallaro

Pavlo Nikolaidis

Jacquelyn Ricke

Jieqiu Shao

Matthew Thommana

Jake Uribe

Ellie Wallace

Tyler Wessels


Eight are graduates of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program; 47 graduated with university honors, and 20 graduated with honors in a major. 


The Graduate College held commencement ceremonies for Master’s of Science degrees on Friday, May 11, at Carver Hawkeye Arena.  Thirty-three graduated with an M.S. in engineering.


The Graduate College held commencement for Ph.D. candidates on Friday, May 11, at Hancher Auditorium.  Fifteen graduated with a Ph.D. in engineering


A survey taken by two-thirds of the undergraduate class shows that 115 students participated in an internship; 33 in a co-op; and 69 participated in undergraduate research and 48


Where are College of Engineering graduates headed?


Engineering graduates are headed out to 19 different states to start employment at 67 different companies.  Of those that answered the survey, 35 percent of graduates have accepted employment within the state of Iowa.  Students continuing their education will head to 16 different institutions. 


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Graduation photo
Alec Scranton (right), dean of the College of Engineering, presents Engineering alumnus Dr. Alex Cartwright, chancellor of the University of Missouri, with a certificate commemorating his induction into the college's Distinguished Engineering Alumni Academy.