Virtual Reality Gets Real with SantosHuman Inc. Predictive Models and Worldviz VR Development System

WorldViz and SantosHuman Inc. (SHI), a company that grew out of ongoing research at the University of Iowa, have begun co-development to integrate SHI predictive models into the Worldviz VR

development platform, enabling users to rapidly develop virtual reality applications that accurately reflect and predict human physical performance and interactions with virtual objects and environments.

SHI’s technologies (now commonly referred to as Santos®) predict human behavior through validated, first-principles-based mathematical models. These models predict and analyze human performance while taking into consideration strength, fatigue, flexibility, balance, vision, posture, external forces, clothing, equipment, and the environment as input parameters.

Vizard, developed by WorldViz, was designed from its inception as a VR development and simulation engine capable of supporting a wide variety of input and output devices such as of HMDs, 3D projection systems, haptic devices, motion capture suites and other input devices. Vizard is currently deployed across 1500+ Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and government agencies and is used to help those organizations solve real-world problems in areas such as product design, education, training, marketing, and research.

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