November Newsletter


The Engineer of 2020 is Right Around the Corner

Kelli Delfosse
Creativity, professionalism, business and management skills, resilience, and strong communication skills.  These are just a few of the attributes the Engineer of 2020 should possess. Technical skills alone are no longer enough.


Though engineering advancements occur daily around the world, 2004 was a remarkable year in the world of engineering. This was the year that the National Academy of Engineering published the report, “The Engineer of 2020”.  The report highlighted the critical need to educate the next generation of engineers with a new set of attributes necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing, global, and technological based economy. It’s hard to believe that 2020 is now just over a year away.  Fortunately, educating “The Engineer of 2020” has been a priority of our College over the last couple of decades and our students are more prepared than ever to be global, technological leaders.


We’ve placed a great emphasis on the “Engineer and Something More”, a vision that has resonated with so many of you.  We’ve implemented the Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars Program, a globally-recognized program where students research one of the 14 Grand Challenges identified by the NAE while gaining exposure to multi-disciplinary learning, entrepreneurship, service learning, and global competencies. We’ve strengthened our curriculum to include social sciences, humanities, and the arts to ensure our students have a breadth of technical and non-technical skills.  We’ve placed an overall greater emphasis on experiential education, research, global engineering, student organizations, and multi-disciplinary team projects to equip students with skills that complement what they are learning in the classroom.  We’re proud to share over 92% of our students complete co-ops, internships, research, or study abroad prior to graduation.


These skills and experiences translate directly to resumes placing our students in high demand.  Strong relationships with alumni and industry partners will remain critical as engineering continues to evolve. I’d love to hear from you if you have an interest recruiting our students, collaborating with student organizations, connecting with faculty for research and project collaborations, or partnering in a number of other ways.

How do you envision the Engineer of 2040?


Kelli Delfosse 
Director, Engineering Professional Development

College of Engineering | The University of Iowa
3612 Seamans Center | Iowa City, IA  52242  | (319) 335-6280