The Transition of Engineering to Enterprise

The Transition of Engineering to Enterprise

The College of Engineering at the University of Iowa is proud of our many partnerships with industry. Hallmarks of these collaborations include our success in connecting students with employers and our ability to deploy cutting-edge research in real-world settings. College alumni have gone on to start many innovative companies which have transformed healthcare, construction, and communications among many other fields.

The College enjoys partnerships with more than 350 companies, agencies, and institutions -- with more than 150 of those located in Iowa alone.  Also, new companies, established through Iowa-based research, flourish in a healthy Midwestern business climate.  Prospects are strong for those now incubating in the growth-oriented environment at the University of Iowa Research Park.


Start-up Companies

at the University of Iowa Research Park Incubator Space with ties to the college
IDT Office space

Corporate Tenants

of the University of Iowa Research Park with College of Engineering affiliation
Human anatomy of a skull

Companies with Roots

in the College of Engineering that have graduated from the University of Iowa

Student Company

recipients of the Storer Engineering Student Entrepreneurial Start-up Award
mountain in iceland

Founders Club Student Companies

mentored in the Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory
Linden Drive City of Arnolds Park, Iowa

Companies in Iowa

started by engineering alumni
wing of a plane being examined

Top Employers

hiring engineering graduates