Swansea University General Education

Below you will find the course equivalency for general education classes that are accepted by the College of Engineering.

Any courses not listed below will need to be approved by the College of Engineering prior to leaving to ensure student will receive credit toward their degree. 


Swansea Course # Swansea Course Title

PO 120

Watching them Watching us: Media, Culture, Politic
EN105 Transforming Fictions
CLE 110 Intro to Ancient Egyptian History
AM 225 Sport and American Culture
AM 206 Ind. America
AM 207 The Invention of Cinema
AM 209 Civil War
165 805 British Culture, Politics, and Society
PI 102 Philosophy & Literature
EN108 Theories and Monsters
HIH 113 Age of Catastrophe
HIH 102 Themes & Debates in Social History
HIH 115 Medieval Civilization II
HIH3000 Background to Wales I
HIH 3001 Background to Wales II: 1800 to Present Days
HIE 103 Great Britain and the World Economy
HIH 3006 Artists and Warfare of the Renaissance
HIH 225 Cosmopolitan Wales Since 1780-1914
AMX 316 British Politics and Culture since 1945
EN 312 Word and Image
HIH3027 An Gorta Mor: the Great Irish Famine 1750-1875
HIH 3091 Riches & Poverty: Economic Idea of Growth & Develop.
AMX 302 British Politics, Culture, & Society
HIH 3015 The Era of the American Civil War
HIH 208 The Rise of Gothic Europe



Swansea Course # Swansea Course Title
GEG 327 Glaciology
AM 106 Americas in the '60's
  British Culture and Politics
EC 200 Intermediate Microeconomics
CLH 107 Archeology of the Greek World
GEG 231 Environmental Change
GEG 243 Digital Mapping and Geographic Information
SSA 204 Antropology
SSA 229 Antropology of Complex Societies
SSA 212 Current Enthnographic Studies
SSA 304 Kinship and Social Organization
PS 316 Sleep, Cicardian Rhythms, & Dreams
PS 312 Psychological Assesment in the Workplace
PS 223 Social Psychology