Engineering Graduates of the Last Decade (eGOLD) Board

The purpose of the Engineering Graduates of the Last Decade (eGOLD) Board is to

  • Reconnect, re-engage, and encourage lifelong connections with our recent engineering alumni.
  • Strengthen relationships with recent graduates and encourage their continued involvement in support of the College via programs, events, and communications geared toward their interests.
  • Give counsel to the College on matters of concern to recent alumni and provide guidance from a recent alumni perspective.
  • Serve as ambassadors of the College through their leadership, enabling the College to connect more meaningfully with its recent graduates across the country and throughout the world.

Read our bylaws here.

2021 eGOLD Board Member Applications here

eGOLD Board Committees

Engineering Connection: eGold Mentorship Program

Since Fall 2019, The eGOLD Board has been developing what we hope will one day become a college-wide mentorship program connecting UI engineering alumni with current UI engineering students. The pilot program  consisted of eGOLD Board members and Engineering Student Ambassadors. After successful results and great feedback to fuel the next iteration, we now wish to expand the pools of both engineering alumni and students interested in a mentoring relationship. We are excited to know that you are interested in engaging with the College of Engineering and having an impact on the Iowa engineering student experience; we hope you consider joining the eGOLD Mentorship Program as a mentor. In joining the program, you would be expected to speak regularly with your mentee (at least once per semester) over the phone, through video chat, or hopefully someday in person. As a mentor, you would have the opportunity to directly make a difference in your mentee’s life, and to learn from them in ways you may not have expected.

Professional Development: Local UI Engineering Network

A sense of community is a key strength of Iowa’s engineering college; we would like to extend that community for engineering students entering the world of work. Our group “Professional Development: The Local UIowa Engineering Network” is working to connect eGOLD alumni (Engineering Graduates of the Last Decade) and other Uiowa alumni with Iowa Engineering interns, co-op participants, and newly hired grads to provide a “welcoming guide” to their new community. Initially we plan to start with Chicago, Des Moines, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, but we are open to many other locations. We are currently looking for city/regional site leaders to work with our team and local experts to put together a “Welcome to the City/Region” guide and organize an initial informal meet and greet networking event (which this year may be virtual due to COVID-19), and possibly some social events. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we are happy to talk with you about being a site leader for your region/city. We will match interns/co-op participants/new grads headed to your area with you and other site leaders. We have plans to collaborate with engineering alums, I-Clubs, chambers of commerce, etc. to help construct these guides which are still under development so additional input is welcome. We expect this program to continue to evolve and help connect current Iowa students and grads with a local network that is invaluable when moving to a new place. We have great hope for the impact we can have with ideas and support from alumni like you.


Alexandria (Alex) Ballard
(BSE 2018 Electrical Engineering)
Systems Engineer
Collins Aerospace
Cedar Rapids, IA

Alexander (Alex) Brodsky
(BSE 2012 Electrical Engineering)
Co-founder and CEO
Tampa, FL

Jesslyn Coghlan
(BSE 2019 Mechanical Engineering)
Graduate Student
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

Paul Flanders
(BSE 2020 Chemical Engineering)
Process Engineer
Procter and Gamble
Iowa City, IA

Jacob Kirpes
(BSE 2013 Industrial Engineering, BA 2013 Finance)
Business Strategist and Engineer
TPG Companies
West Des Moines, IA

Ang Liu
(BSE 2014 Civil Engineering)
Structural Engineer
Barber & Hoffman
Pittsburgh, PA

John David (JD) McCullough
(BSE 2015 Mechanical Engineering)
Vice President, OCT Solutions
Iowa City, IA

Daniel Murphy
(BSE 2020 Civil / Environmental Engineering}
Civil Engineer-in-Training
Kimley-Horn & Associates
Iowa City, IA

Eric Pahl
(BSE 2015 Biomedical Engineering
PhD Candidate in Health Informatics)
Co-founder and CTO
OmniLife, Inc.
Lexington, KY

Yashila Permeswaran
BSE 2017 Electrical & Computer Engineering,
MS 2019 Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Research Assistant
University of Iowa College of Engineering
Iowa City, IA

Riley Post
(BSE 2010 Civil Engineering, MS 2011 Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Hydraulic Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineers
Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL

Stephanie Swanson Rasing
(BSE 2011 Mechanical Engineering)
Project Engineer
Romeoville, IL

Lauren Rasor
(BSE 2019 Biomedical Engineering)
R&D Engineer
Medical Murray
Barrington, IL

Joshua (Josh) Schirm
(BSE 2015 Biomedical Engineering)
Senior Manager, Imaging Services
VIDA Diagnostics, Inc.
Coralville, IA

Katherine (Kate) Lindaman Steele
(BSE 2013 Industrial Engineering, MBA 2019,
MS Business Analytics 2019)
Senior Consultant
San Francisco, CA

Scott Tentinger
(BSE 2016 Chemical Engineering)
Instrumentation and Controls Associate
Sargeant & Lundy
LaGrange, IL

Samantha Westerhof
(BSE 2013 Chemical Engineering)
Reliability Engineer
Chicago, IL

Danielle (Danni) Wright
(BSE 2013 Industrial Engineering)
Engineering Manager
Eden Prairie, MN