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Where students become engineers...and something more.

Engineering students at Iowa are smart, interesting people. They are also international travelers, Big Ten athletes, Hawkeye Marching Band members, leaders of student organizations, fraternity and sorority members, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, hospital volunteers, student senators, dance marathoners, intramural competitors, researchers, and more. Explore our academic programs.

About the College of Engineering


Students are admitted directly from high school or another institution and can change majors at any time. There are no GPA cutoffs, quotas by department, and no "weeding out." Students study what they are interested in and passionate about.
Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging


The College has twenty research locations in six academic programs, four research centers, and interdisciplinary research efforts. Faculty, staff and students benefit from a variety of research experiences and backgrounds.
Research Highlights


The College is actively engaged in interdisciplinary research, much of which takes place in our research centers and institutes. Students and faculty know each other well and feel part of a unique engineering community.


We strive to ensure that students from groups traditionally underrepresented in engineering have the opportunity to realize their potential while also contributing their unique ideas, skills, talents, and strengths to the community.

Upcoming Events

International Paper Information Session

Wednesday, August, 15 - 9:10 am

Student Leadership Room (351 - Former Michigan Room) Iowa Memorial Union Are you looking for full-time employment or co-op/internship experience? Come learn about opportunities available in...

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Engineering Student Org Fair/John Deere Day

Wednesday, September, 5 - 2:30 pm

John Deere will be hosting an ice cream social for College of Engineering students from 2:30-4:30 pm on Wednesday, September 5th in the Seamans Center 2nd Floor Student Commons. Students will be able...

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Meet-and-greet with Rick Johnston, Technical Office for World Health Organization Joint Monitoring Programme

Tuesday, September, 18 - 3:00 pm

Open to students, faculty, and staff. Rick Johnston leads the WHO half of the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene. Before joining WHO in 2013 he worked at...

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A few facts about our college

Median salary of our 2015-2016 graduates
Engineering specific student organizations
Engineering scholarships were awarded for the 2016-2017 academic year
Undergraduate placement rate
2015 first-year engineering students were women
(20% national average)
Engineering students complete internships, co-ops, undergrad research or study abroad
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