Diversity Resources for Faculty and Staff

Welcoming Diverse Faculty and Staff

The College of Engineering is committed to creating an inclusive environment for faculty and staff success. To that end the college offers a collegial research environment that fosters multidisciplinary collaborations in important areas of national need, with engineering faculty leading or participating in a number of research centers and institutes across campus.  Beyond the intellectual community the college recognizes key priority areas for networking and social support to increase the sense of welcome amongst faculty and staff of varied backgrounds. Promoting diversity amongst College of Engineering faculty and staff increases our collective ability to cultivate an inclusive climate by providing a rich variety of perspectives that will enable students to be global thinkers and actors, to respect diverse values, and to attain a competitive edge as well-rounded and creative leaders in their fields.

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Supporting Diverse Faculty

The college has provided training in conducting inclusive faculty searches to assist search committees in strategies to attract talented faculty across diverse backgrounds to join the college of engineering.  In addition, the college makes use of a variety of institutional resources to recruit and retain a diverse faculty. The University of Iowa holds and institutional membership in the “National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.” For several years the college has supported the “Health Sciences and Engineering women’s faculty development conference.”

Supporting Diverse Staff

The Engineering Staff Advisory Council includes Professional and Scientific, Merit Supervisory Exempt, and Merit Confidential staff who provide leadership in communication with the College of Engineering Administration. This group engages in service to the college and community and builds the college sense of welcome through a variety of service and social activities. Notable diversity projects led by the ESAC include the College of Engineering Flags project.


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