FIRST Tech Challenge: Blue Ribbon Showcase Program

No one tells – or shows – the FIRST story better than FIRST teams! The FIRST Tech Challenge program Iowa is inviting Iowa teams to be an active part of our statewide outreach efforts, gain some recognition for your team and organization, and hone student marketing and presentation skills in the process. Please read the additional information about the Blue Ribbon Showcase Program.

Here's how it works:

  1. Actively and professionally participate in a minimum of three outreach events organized by FIRST Tech Challenge – Iowa. Please check out the list of scheduled events and then let us know which event(s) your team is going to be at!
  2. Document involvement in at least three additional outreach events in your community – science fairs, e-week, parades, back-to-school nights, etc.
  3. Once your team participates in three (3) events sponsored by FIRST Tech Challenge Iowa and three (3) events sponsored by your team, then your team qualifies as a Blue Ribbon Showcase Team! The team will need to submit the formal application once all of the events have been completed.

Teams will need to reapply every season (starting July) to be a Blue Ribbon Showcase Team.

  • Recognized on this website (listing below), with a link to their website.
  • Receive letters of appreciation from FIRST Tech Challenge Iowa.
  • Receive the Blue Ribbon icon (above) to use on team websites and promotional materials.

2017-2018 Blue Ribbon Showcase Teams

  • 4389, Higgs Bozos
  • 7236, Recharged Green
  • 7332, We Are Shop Dodgerbots
  • 8588, The Finger Puppet Mafia
  • 9052, Recharged Orange
  • 9575, Error 404
  • 9974, T.H.O.R.

2018-2019 Blue Ribbon Showcase Teams

  • 4177, Finger Tightans
  • 4389, Higgs Bozos
  • 5143, Xcentrics
  • 6103, STEMATICS
  • 7332, We Are Shop Dodgerbots
  • 8813, Winter Solders
  • 9974, T.H.O.R.
  • 11142, RoboMinions Rebooted
  • 11391, Robotic Rails