Green Energy

Green Energy

Faculty and students in the University of Iowa College of Engineering are seeking new solutions to the challenge of green and low-carbon affordable energy.  

  • The University of Iowa has committed to 40% of campus energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Improved WIND turbine and wind farm design; protection of birds and bats, SOLAR and electrochemical energy generation and storage technologies, BIOFUELS, particularly those that can be grown sustainability here in Iowa, and optimization, control, and CYBERSECURITY of the next generation power systems.  


Mubeen Syed, Assistant Professor Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Mubeen Syed

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

“Our team of chemical engineers, chemists, materials scientists, and biomedical engineers develops novel environmentally and economically sustainable energy and water infrastructure using nanomaterials.” 



Fatima Toor and students
Fatima Toor

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

“My lab is developing optoelectronic technologies that are transforming the fields of energy generation, medical diagnostics and monitoring, and fundamental science discovery. My favorite aspect of being a faculty member at the University of Iowa is the collaborative environment here at the university as well as the university hospital.”