2017 Homecoming Corn Monument Makes Debut on Pentacrest

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Homecoming at the University of Iowa is never declared "official" until the legendary Corn Monument stands tall on the Pentacrest.

And this, the fourth year's edition of the monument, certainly stands tall.

Keegan Parizek and Joe Moslemian were the student leads, with Rick Fosse, lecturer in civil and environmental engineering, and Allen Bradley, professor of civil and environmental engineering and researcher at IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering, providing faculty oversight and guidance. Brandon Barquist, engineering specialist at IIHR, provided technical support. The NEXUS of Engineering and Arts Program, led by Deanne Wortman, did the artwork on the monument base. Overall, credit for this year's Corn Monument goes to American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) students as well as UI Campus Activity Board students, IIHR staff, and UI Facilities Management.

A UI Homecoming tradition, the corn monument dates back to 1919. The tradition continued annually until the 1960s, when interest waned. It was revived in 1981 and made sporadic appearances since—until 2014, when the UI student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers took up the project and built a 25-foot monument using about 1,100 ears of corn.

From helping out with gluing, cutting, and drilling on build days, students from a variety of disciplines across campus volunteered their time this year.

The monument will remain on the Pentacrest until Monday, October 9.

Corn monument 2017 homecoming
The 2017 Corn Monument (photo courtesy of Joe Moslemian).