Electrical and Computer Engineering Presents Modern Marvels Event

The University of Iowa Electrical and Computer Engineering Department held its annual Modern Marvels event May 4, featuring technological feats of upper level undergraduate students in senior design, internet of things, software engineering, and embedded systems classes.

Among projects featured were:

Audio Spectrum Analyzer
Automatic Leveling System

Bluetooth Enabled Electrocardiogram
Brake Right
Bringing Independence to ALS patients
Current updates for the ECE Robot
Hydrological-Solar Garden Network
IdeaLab Cameras Synchronization
Interactive Exhibits for the  Kalona  Museum
Iowa Football Machine Learning App
Iowa Student Garden Remote Watering System
LIV Measurements for IR LEDs
Mobile app to help students navigate UI Recreation Services
Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger
Online food delivery
Precision Agriculture for Grow Johnson County
RAGBRAI Cell phone Charger
Schedule builders! Itinerary builders
Sense Ad:  Targeted Advertising Kiosk Using Facial Recognition
Smart Station
Sunrise Simulator
Tensile Frame Repair
Trash-Pal:  Automated, Smart Scheduling of Trash Collection
Updated view for Internet Relay Chat with emotions, hashtags, and more
Wearable Control Device for Motor-Impaired Clients
WiFi Addressing Network and Desktop Information Dashboard

The exhibition included demonstrations for middle and high school students, business representatives, alumni and anyone with an interest in locally grown technology.

Fifty-four electrical engineering undergraduate students participated in senior design projects, 23 in software engineering, 8 in the internet of things, and 13 in embedded systems.

The event was sponsored by Rockwell Collins, Inc.

To read the complete program, including a listing of students who participated, go to PDF iconmodern_marvels_2018_program.pdf

ECE seniors design robot for brain surgeon