KGAN-TV: Summer Camp Promotes STEM

KGAN-TV, Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, reported that eighth grader Jaden Reed is one of more than 70 students who are at the University of Iowa's Summer Pre-Engineering Camps. Getting a

hands-on experience is just what she needs to build on her dream.

"I want to get more into engineering because I want to become a robotics engineer," Reed said.

Students as young as three years old are using the building blocks to craft the skills they need for the future through this camp

"When you look at the landscape across Iowa and nationwide, STEM education is very important and why not start young," director Tracy Peterson said.

"They're doing real world programming," Jeremy Richardson, an engineer and instructor at the camp, said. "That's the same programming programmers would do."

It's those real world tasks like coding on a computer and working in teams that remind students like Reed that they can succeed in science and math.

"I want them to feel comfortable dealing with any kind of technology," Richardson said.

"It's kind of empowering, I guess," Reed said.

It's especially empowering for students like Reed, since statistics show girls don't pursue science careers as much as boys.

"I feel like I was the only girl at the beginning and now there's way more than I expected," Reed said.

So that look of determination on her face as she rolls out her robot again?

"I don't let them intimidate me," Reed said.